If you are seeking restoration, recovery, and wholeness following the traumas of life (abuse, addictions, grief, etc.), I hope you know that your Father in heaven truly wants to do a good work in you despite what you have experienced. May you realize the truth of all His good promises in your life.

First, please feel free to write to me. I am not a counselor, but I do know how to pray, and if you just need to know someone hear’s and accepts you where you are, I’d love to hear from you.

The resources listed below were of great help to me during different times of my life. I hope that one of these may also be an encouragement.

Recovery from Abuse and Related Issues

Christians in Recovery: A very valuable resource for me in the 1990s, when I was struggling with dissociative issues, Christians in Recovery. Although I didn’t mention them in my book, I was a member of a chat group that was on the frontier of Internet communication. Today, they have  a great website with a variety of interactive tools and resources to encourage those struggling with addictions, the fallout of abuse, and more.

The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual AbuseI found this book to be very helpful as I went through therapy. I also used the workbook. These resources provide a God-centered guide to work through many challenging abuse-related issues.

Ellel Ministries: While I have no personal experience with this organization, I have heard from several friends who benefited from their ministry. They provide a broad range of online resources to help in your journey towards wholeness.