If you’ve read Anne of Green Gables you know what a “kindred spirit” is. If you haven’t, I’m thinking of people around the world who love God, have not had an easy time in life, and are seeking to share their experiences with others, to build up and encourage.

In this media driven world there are so many Internet resources out there, and tons of blogs and websites all screaming for attention. How do you know browsing through their site is worth your time? Sometimes you know from a glance at the home page, but not always.

Some of these people I have met through the Internet and known for years. I “met” others quite by accident in the course of my own work or research and thought, “wow, others should know about thier stuff, it is so encouraging.”

If I’ve listed a site on this page, I have found it to be uplifting, encouraging, and safe.

Coptic Mom and Dad: Laura, the author of this blog, is the wife of a Coptic priest, known as tasoni. I came upon her blog quite by accident, but when I did I immedately subscribed. Read her blog for encouragement and to learn about the amazing legacy of faith we have in the Coptic church.

Whispers in PurpleThis blog features a weekly devotional almost every Friday submitted by other writers from America (and some from ‘down under’) with author interviews and book spotlights through the week. It is written by a dear friend whom I met years ago by chance via a Christian writing group.

Words About the Word: Cass Wessel is a friend I met through an Internet-based writing group. She has been a real encourager to me over the years. She has a great website with reviews of recently published books in the Christian Fiction and nonfiction genres. Check out her site if you are looking for a good book.

Another Voice: If you are interested on differing perspectives of the situation in Israel, and how Israeli and Palestinian Christians are handling the “heat” in our small country, check out this blog. While you may not agree with all the perspectives, each writer prevents a thought provoking and challenging view of life in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. How should we treat each other? How should our faith impact these relationships? Definitely not a blog for the light-hearted.