My Number 1 Recommendation: Accordance Bible Software

There are a number of resources available for Bible study. However, there is one that outshines them all. Originally designed for the MAC, you can now purchase it for the MAC, PC, and your iOS devices. However, best of all, unlike many software packages, your license allows you to have unlimited installations on ALL of your computers. For someone like me, who sometimes needs to refer to the Bible at work, as well as at home–this is so helpful for me. In Israel, you never know when a Bible verse is needed!

I work with Chinese people, taught children in Hebrew, and have a Russian neighbor. Yes, this resource gives me all those languages and more… again, accessible on my computer and my iPad.

All that combined with the most amazing search functions you’ll ever find make this tool great for personal and in-depth Bible Study. OK, I admit it, I’m biased: I’ve been writing their online Help since 2010. However, I’ve worked with a lot of software tools and this outshines them all. (And no, I don’t get a commission for telling you about them).

Accordance Bible Software

Quick Resources on the Internet

Quick Reference Lookup: If you only need a lookup tool, check out BibleGateway. You can find just about every version of the Bible. For a quick quote or verification of a reference, this is the perfect tool.

Basic Bible Study on a Budget: If you cannot yet invest in the books or software needed for Bible study, or want to see if these tools will really help you, check out the Blue Letter Bible website. While they are a bit clunkier than your own Accordance installation, you can do a lot of basic studies there as well, and have access to a variety of free sources.