If you’ve read my book or visited my website, you know that I have faced a variety of different issues ranging from abuse to the loss of my husband, in addition to having to adjust to a new culture more than once.

Many people have asked me for tips, or about various resources I used in the situations I’ve faced.

This page, and those linked to it are an answer to your requests. Whenever I find something trustworthy, encouraging, or just plain reliable, I will begin listing those items here. My lists will include websites, books, and Bible study resources. I hope that the resources listed here will save you time from searching for yourself.

Also, if you are aware of a resource that is reliable, tell me about it and I’ll check it out. If I agree I’ll list it here as well.

Oh, and here is a little tidbit of information for you. As I was considering calling this menu item, “Reliable Resources,” I was reminded of my husband. Why? His nickname on the Internet site where we met was “Reliability.”

Recovery Resources (abuse, addictions, etc.)

Encouraging (Reliable) Books

Bible Study Resources

Kindrid Spirits (inspiring and encouraging websites)