If you bought the audiobook, you could not enjoy the graphics that separate each section. Likewise, readers of the book could only enjoy black and white copies. I hope you will enjoy seeing the detail in these color versions of the artwork.

Part 5: I Will Bring You Back

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These photos were all taken since my return to Israel in 2011. Top row (left to right): A very special picture of me with all my step-children, their spouses, and my grandchildren; Jon, Layla, and me during a visit in Colorado; and precious friends whom I visited in Norway in 2014. Second row: My two house cats—Cleopatra Fluff and Pharaoh; overlooking the Moscow river during a visit to Russia in 2014; and me at Rambam Health Care Campus being interviewed for a Christian program in Scandinavia. Third row: Me at home, being interviewed for a Christian program aired in Taiwan; some of my new students and friends in the Chinese Church in Haifa; celebrating Easter Sunday at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem with a friend of more than 25 years and my Chinese family. Fourth row: With my Chinese godchildren in Jerusalem and a photo of my colleagues at Rambam Health Care Campus, celebrating my sixtieth birthday.