If you bought the audiobook, you could not enjoy the graphics that separate each section. Likewise, readers of the book could only enjoy black and white copies. I hope you will enjoy seeing the detail in these color versions of the artwork.

Part 2: One Way All the Way

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These are photos from my first trips to Israel and China, and my life in Israel. On the far right is a scan from the prayer book my parents gave me when I was born. Note the dedication in Chinese on the bottom left. Other photos include my first camel ride in Israel in 1982; a group photo with my colleagues in Tienjin in 1995; an attempt to go pelican fishing in Yangshuo, China; my MA graduation photo (2002); my first job in Israel as a nurse in Migdal (1983); me receiving an award from Manpower in Haifa (1985); me singing at a party for the handicapped at one of my jobs in Tiberias; and singing with the Chinese church in Bethlehem (c. 1993).