If you bought the audiobook, you could not enjoy the graphics that separate each section. Likewise, readers of the book could only enjoy black and white copies. I hope you will enjoy seeing the detail in these color versions of the artwork.

Part 1: Endings and Beginnings

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These are family pictures. I describe some of these photos in my story. I hope you enjoy turning back to this page and “meeting” the people I share about, including my younger self. Top right and middle and bottom left: My parents’ wedding day. At the top, left to right: The older couple are my adopted grandparents, the Clarks; the baby picture is me with my Aunt Mary and my earliest memory—the bird mobile. Following my high school graduation photo is a favorite of my parents and me; the garage and old car behind them belong to Mr. Mallon. In the middle is a picture of my mother’s grandfather. My mother is the little girl in his lap on the left; her sister, Eleanor, is on the right. The other children are some of my mother’s first cousins. Immediately below that picture is one of my mother’s mother (Grandma Gardner), my mother, and me as a teenager. The last photo (bottom right) is of me in our back yard next to a tree my father planted.