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I’d like to share with you a bit about this picture.  The two hands have a rocky desert and and craggy mountains on them. They are beautiful in their own way, but difficult to navigate.

Streams are evident in both views and feed into the pool held in the hands of our Creator. Middle and central, a very small figure, held in these hands as well, is preparing to enter the pool of grace; with a hand lifted upward in praise and awe.

Perhaps the person descened one, or both hands at one time, but now there is rest in the safety of hands offering out an abundance of grace for every situation.

May this drawing encourage you as much as it does me! If you have lost your link to the picture, just write to me, and I’ll send you a new link to download it.

Here are two screen savers with this drawing as well. Click on the appropriate link below.

Washed in the Pool of Grace by D. Joseph Aho