My name is Dvora Elisheva (Hebrew for Deborah Elizabeth, my given name). I was never particularly fond of my given name in English, but I LOVE my Hebrew name. Perhaps it is the music of the pronunciation: D-vor-a El-ee-shev-a. I may not have liked the sound of my name, but I’ve alway loved the meaning. Dvora is a honey bee and Elisheva is translated as “house of God,” though literally, it means “my God is there.”

As a child I used to say my name means a honey bee house of God or a holy hive! I hope you are smiling.

Seriously though, when we think of bees and bee hives, we also think of honey. I hope and pray that my writing will be just that, a sweet flavor to those longing for an honest voice in this world that almost requires us to hide behind a mask. This life is filled with ups and downs and we need honey to make it taste sweeter.

I have always loved to write. From the time I was small I was working on my first book, and later moved to poetry. I also loved music and have even written a few songs! Connecting the Dots of a Disconnected Life is my first book.

Since you may not have read my book yet, here is some more academic information about my background. I became a licensed Practical Nurse in 1976, and underwent special training in medications and in reading ECGs/EKGs. I worked in a critical care unit for a couple of years as well as private duty nursing. In fact, it was as a nurse that I first came to do volunteer work in Israel in 1982. I received my BA in Special Education from the University of Brighton (1998) and an MA (with Distinction) in Technical Authorship, from Sheffield Hallam University (2002). I have worked for universities, hi-tech industry, and most recently I am the English Communications Editor and Writer for Rambam Health Care Campus in Northern Israel and is responsible for a quarterly Christian Friends of Rambam newsletter. I have received numerous awards for my work and have spoken at international professional conferences as well as for podcasts and webinars.

I am very active in the community here in Israel. I teach English using the Bible as a textbook in a local Chinese church, sing on the worship team of my Messianic congregation, and am a board member of the non-profit organization, A Future and A Hope (R.A.).

If you are interested in my other artistic endeavors, I’ve published a song about the Western Wall of Jerusalem (Kotel) on YouTube and published a short book of poetry from my first year in Israel, also available on Amazon: The Adventures of Sydney.

I have a lot of writing projects underway, so stay tuned. If you register and subscribe to my site and blog, you will be among the first to find out what is coming soon.

Thank you for visiting, and please, do write to me. I make every effort to answer ALL my emails personally. I may not do so immediately but I DO answer.

Blessings and Peace to you!

Dvora Elisheva